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Take Action

Justice, Dignity

Join PHR in advocating for persecuted health workers, for stopping torture, for the investigation of mass atrocities, and for bringing justice to ill-treated populations.

Ensure that Torture Is Never Again Used by the United States
The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence released a report confirming the complicity of health professionals in torture and detainee abuse. In order to hold health professionals and the CIA to account, all involved in the abuse must be investigated.
Protect the Rights of the Rohingya in Burma
The government of Burma has consistently targeted the Rohingya community in a campaign which may amount to crimes against humanity. Take action now to stop the abuse of the Rohingya.
Psychologists Who Waterboard
A shocking new report by independent reviewer David Hoffman provides further proof of the American Psychological Association's (APA) essential role in torture. Call for an investigation into the APA.
Stop the CIA Torture Report from Being Buried
The chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has requested the federal government to relinquish all copies of the CIA torture report. We must stop his attempt to bury the torture report and to rewrite history on CIA torture.
Call on President Obama to End Indefinite Detention
President Obama must take immediate action and use his authority to transfer detainees who have been cleared for release at Guantánamo, and charge and try the rest in federal courts.
Stop the Harassment of Turkish Doctors
The Turkish government is targeting and harassing physicians, including members of the Turkish Medical Association, who provided emergency medical care to demonstrators during the Gezi Park protests. Urge Prime Minister Erdogan to stop harassing doctors.
Stop Violence Against Women
By passing the International Violence Against Women Act, the United States can take a stand against violence and help prevent future abuse. Please stand up for women and girls today.
Tell Congress: Help Stop Attacks on Doctors Now
Medical neutrality is one of PHR's core principles. Urge your Representative to support the Medical Neutrality Protection Act today.
Tell Congress: Support Peace and Human Rights Protections in DRC
Tell Congress: Support H. Res. 131: Concerning the ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the need for international efforts toward long-term peace, stability, and observance of human rights.
Urge President Obama to Stop Force-Feeding of Hunger Strikers
Force-feeding can be a painful, degrading, and inhuman practice. Tell President Obama to end force-feeding once and for all.